Pablo delivers excitement, information and quality leads to your exhibit

Break through barriers

A trade-fair stand is often encircled from an invisible wall of anonymity. A professional performer can draw the attention needed to break through this wall. Pablo does this through his professional and subtle techniques of pantomime and body language.

Build bridges

Your company‘s message can be harmoniously incorporated into Pablo’s performance. Pablo brings attention to potential customers in a positive way. He builds a bridge from the streams of attendees to your stand for optimal success.

Connecting people

More than just a performance: Pablo can bring across even complex technical information on a high emotional intelligence level. As a performer, he creates a relationship to convention goers that sets the basis for successful marketing efforts.

Winning customers

Pablo’s performance increases one’s potential customer contacts. His entertainment creates a relaxing and open atmosphere, which helps sales personnel break the ice to initiate their sales pitch.

Attention getting performances for trade-fairs and conventions

– Pablo presents your products and services in a creative fashion – He brings international convention and trade-fair guests to your stand – Despite language barriers he helps people connect and communicate – Your booth or stand gains attractiveness through his entertainment

Performances for conventions, trade-fair, exhibitions and other events

Pablo’s degree in theatrical arts and extensive international experience guarantee a commanding entertainment concept development. He can tailor fit the appropriate performance concept for your trade-fair presentation. He is always available to discuss your individual needs.

He can tailor fit the appropriate performance concept for your trade-fair presentation.