Pablo’s convention, trade-fair performances



  • Increase the interest of the convention participants in your booth or display
  • Get the audiences involved through friendly and charming interaction
  • Present and showcase information about products, services and companies
  • Increase the public awareness of your marketing message
  • Target professionals in your specific market niche and help to overcome language barriers

  Entertainer at your trade-fair display Marketing messages and product details entertainingly presented As a sympathetic presenter at your firm’s exhibition space, Pablo’s characters bring emotional responses; the kind of emotions you want associated with your company and products. Pablo’s entertainment helps create a positive relationship to your customers With Pablo’s efforts, your exhibition will stand out and make lasting impressions  

Here you can see a small selection of Pablo’s offerings for conventions and trade-fairs

Click on the star to see photos of some of his performances

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Trade Show Entertainment


1. What exactly does Messe Unterhaltung offer?

Answer: We specialize in creative and interactive entertainment for trade shows, offering shows, pantomime, and performances tailored to your brand that will captivate and engage your audience.

2. What types of trade shows is your entertainment suitable for?

Answer: Our services are aimed at all types of trade shows, from industry exhibitions to public events. We adapt our shows to the theme and target audience of your trade show.

3. How can Messe Unterhaltung help highlight my brand?

Answer: Through customized performances that creatively convey your brand message, we create emotional experiences that bring your brand to the forefront and enhance visitor engagement.

4. What technical requirements are needed for your shows?

Answer: The technical requirements vary depending on the type of performance. Generally, we need a sufficiently large and safe performance area and, if necessary, connections for sound and lighting equipment.

5. How long do the individual performances last?

Answer: Our shows are flexible and are tailored to the duration of your trade show and the desired time slots, typically lasting between 5 and 15 minutes.

6. Can the shows be performed multiple times a day?

Answer: Yes, our performances can be conducted multiple times daily to ensure that as many visitors as possible are reached.

7. Do you also offer services for international trade shows?

Answer: Yes, we offer our entertainment services internationally and have extensive experience with trade shows in various countries and cultural contexts.

8. How can I get a quote for my next trade show?

Answer: Simply contact us via the form on our website or call us directly. We are happy to discuss your needs and create a personalized offer.